"In Peru I had one of the greatest experiences of my life, and Marcela's accommodation services facilitated the process of moving from one country to another. I can recommend her to any prospect exchange student seeking an economical, nonetheless comfortable, stay in one of Lima's most vibrant parts - Miraflores."


Trond H. Bratlie


Having a good landlord is something you take for granted until you have a bad one and having had my share of bad ones, I am thankful for Marcela. You don't realize how nice it is to not have to worry about housing problems until they cause you a headache. In Peru I had none. Marcella was accommodating to our requests, organized parties for us to get to know each other, was always fair and even took care of us when we were sick! 

Coming for the first time to South America, it's a great comfort to have a house full of other people in the same situation as you and also to have everything taken care of for you. It makes it easier to enjoy this country.

My one suggestion would be to have some kind of signed agreement. Maybe that's not the way things are done in Peru but I know in Canada that having a signed lease makes it easier to know what the expectations and rules for the apartment are and most of us from North America would be accustomed to that.


Liang Cheng

December 2008

"I spent two months in Marcela's apartment in 2006/2007. I enjoyed my time there a lot!! The rooms are really great: completely furnished, clean, lightish and quiet (situation to the back yard). TV, DVD, and kitchen are shared with the other students; bathroom is for two students. And a cleaning lady comes around once a week :) But the best of all was the roof terrace :) :)

The apartment is situated at a five minute walk to the heart of Miraflores - shops, supermarkets, cinemas, bars - and just a ten minutes walk down to the beach!!

I studied at Universidad Catolica which is half-an-hour bus trip (0.30 $) away or even faster in taxi (3$).

I also had lessons with Marcela and although I was already an advanced speaker of Spanish she still could help me a lot knowing the typical errors foreigners commit. 

I hope you come to Lima and enjoy your time there as much as I did!!!"


Barbara Fisher

January 2007

"I arrived in Peru (2005) without any form of knowledge in Spanish. Then I followed intensive daily courses with Marcela for three weeks, once a week afterwards. After a month, I was able to understand and after two months, I was able to speak Spanish. 

But in addition to being funny, enthusiast and patient in her teaching, Marcela really cares about her students, making sure they accommodate smoothly to the Limean life. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends".


Yannick Paquay


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