• If for any reason after making the deposit change your mind and decide not to live in InKaWaSiPeru, we will not refunded any deposit, so please be sure before making your deposit. Note that we will not rent the room to another student after confirm your reservation.

  • The minimum stay is 135 days. If you decide to leave InKaWaSiPeru for personal or any other reason before the minimum time you will lose the deposit without any place to claim.

  • If you decide extend your stay must send an e-mail at least one month before your date of leaving.

  • The rent must be pay in advance and you must pay the first rent when you get the room. If you pay the rent in advance and then decide to withdraw before completing the month, InKaWaSiPeru will not return any money of days you won’t live in the apartment.

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Calle Schell
Miraflores-Lima- Perú, Codigo Postal 15074

0051-1-964776333 - 0051-1-964776633

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