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Accommodation in Peru - Lima? If you are looking for student apartments, rooms or share flats… we have the best!!

We offer international student apartments and share flats in Miraflores. We have international residences in Lima. InKaWaSiPERU offer you the best accommodation for exchange students.
InKaWaSiPERU provides accommodation like you are looking for (rooms in student apartments and share flats) in Lima Peru. Don´t looking for any more InKaWaSiPERU has what you need; we have two student apartments in Miraflores, Lima Peru. 
We have twelve years in the market offering departments / shared flats to exchange students, volunteers, NGO workers, interns (practitioners).
We currently have students who are in the exchange program of Universidad Pacifico, Universidad Catolica, Universidad de Lima, Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Universidad San Ignacio, ESAN, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, UTEC , UDEP , among others. 
InKaWaSiPERU are located in new, modern and luxurious buildings that will give you the peace you need to study, work, and also to relax in the common areas and in the inner courtyard, and others. In our departments you will find safety, comfort and cleanliness that you want to be able to study, work, have fun and travel all over Peru. 
InKaWaSiPERU in addition to offering comfortable rooms is committed to help you know our customs so you could adapt to our society as quickly and easily as possible. 
In the summer you can enjoy walks along the beach, since we are located 5 minutes away. 
Many people who have lived in our apartments / shared flats have come from France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Uruguay, Poland, Spain, Holland, Finland, Canada, USA, Russia, UK, Chile, Brasil, Portugal, Korea, Italy, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, Mexico, ...
InKaWaSiPERU gives you the opportunity to meet Peruvians with whom you can practice your Spanish language as well as people from around the world as well as Peruvian. We will keep you informed on the artistic and cultural events in the city so you can enjoy them to the fullest. 
We will provide you with all the necessary information to make your stay in our country as pleasant and memorable as possible. 

Come and live a new experience in InKaWaSiPERU

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Calle Schell
Miraflores-Lima- Perú, Codigo Postal 15074

0051-1-964776333 - 0051-1-964776633

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